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PNOE Pre-Test Mandatory Info

Thanks for signing up for a PNOĒ test!

Please read this page in full. It will run you through the testing protocols, what is required for accurate testing, and will give answer questions on what is expected. If you have further questions, email info@buildpeakcompete.com


The quality of your test results, your post-test debrief, report and consult is directly related to your strict adherence to the RMR pre-test protocol:

● At least 5 hours of fasting (no food) prior to the test
● No intense exercise (>1 hour) 24 hours before the test
● No caffeine, tobacco or stimulating drinks for at least 5 hours prior to the test
● Continue medications as usual — be prepared to discuss before your test begins
● Wear workout clothing and shoes
● Bring additional clothes and a towel for after the exercise portion of the test (if applicable)
● Bring a snack for after the tests

Please arrive on time.

The coach will help you put on and adjust the mask. Work with the coach to complete the mask fit and leak check. You will lay in a supine position (on your back), legs uncrossed, remaining absolutely still and free from any outside disturbances or distractions for at least ten minutes. Prior to initiating the test, the coach will verify that the PNOĒ system is collecting data and operating correctly.

Once the coach confirms the system is operating correctly, the test will begin and then run for approximately ten minutes. Once the test is complete, the coach will help you remove the mask and prepare for the Fitness Test when the RMR test has been completed.

What to expect:


Are you healthy enough for the RAMP Exercise test?

Pre-Test: Respiratory Evaluation using MIR Spirobank Spirometer

We will use a disposable spirometer to check your FVC (Forced Vital Capacity), FEV1 (1 second Forced Expiratory Volume) and FEV 6 (6 second Forced Expiratory Volume).

After 3 proper exhalations, we will learn the volume and force of the air you are able to blow out. This can be used to identify potential respiratory issues that may impact performance.

Before Arriving, make sure you download the MIR Spirobank Spirometer to your phone.

Look for the app icon below:

You’ll be using exercise equipment for this test. For a run test you’ll be on a treadmill. For a cycling test, you will be on your own bike and set up on a smart trainer.

A ramp test is the best method for identifying your limitations, zones and VO2peak.


  • 3 minute warm up
  • 9-12 minute incremental test where the intensities will increase every 1 minute until reaching your maximum effort followed by a 2 minute inactive recovery (no movement).
  • If you are completing a treadmill test and plan on using your results for training on the road, the treadmill should be placed at a 1-2% incline to mimic the road resistance that you do not have on a treadmill.
  • If you are completing a bike test, your cadence should be maintained between 80-100 RPM throughout the test.

Parameter Check
The coach will now complete a Parameter Check to determine the warm up and starting intensities as well as the increments that will be used during your test.

The check is performed as follows:

  1. Find the intensity that gives you a heart rate between 100-110 beats per minute by adjusting the speed or wattage of the device until achieving that heart rate range.
  2. Find 6/10 effort on a Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale if you were to ride or run at that intensity for 5 minutes
  3. Find 9-9.5/10 effort on a Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale if you were to ride or run at that intensity for 2 minutes.

Once these intensities have been identified, your coach will enter your test parameters into the protocol on the app and you are ready for the test.

The coach will help you adjust the straps of the PNOĒ backpack. You should hold the mask with the breath sensor attached to it in one of your hands during the fitting of the backpack.

The coach will then help fit the mask. Once you and the coach are satisfied with the fit, the coach will complete the mask fit and leak check.

Your Test
Do not talk during the test. The coach may ask questions about your degree of effort that you should respond to with visible signals (thumbs up or thumbs down). In order to collect complete data and therefore ensure a thorough analysis of your performance at all intensity levels, it is vital to push yourself as hard as you safely can during the test.

You do NOT have to finish a 1 minute step once you start it.

After the Test – Your Debrief

After the recovery period, the coach will remove all of the PNOĒ equipment and you will be offered the opportunity to complete a cool down. The coach will give you some time to towel off, get some water or a snack, and should invite you to review your initial test results. These results are NOT your final results and there may be some discrepancies between the initial results and your report. The RMR and Fitness Test Reports are the most accurate and are the results that should be referenced.

RMR Test Results

The coach should begin with the RMR test results if you completed this test. The coach will provide a quick review of your results tables that includes your caloric expenditure and percentage of fat vs. carbohydrate used during the test. The coach can show you the initial measurement of your resting metabolic rate. PNOĒ may modify the result based on their further analysis.

Your coach will book a review of your RMR Report and results and will provide specific recommendations on nutrition and training at that time. If you wish to have the PNOĒ registered dietitians create an individualized nutrition plan, please let the coach know and they can select this option in the API as well.

Fitness Test Results

Your coach will review the results table produced by the PNOĒ system including providing you with your preliminary VO2peak.

The full report will take 1-2 business days to be produced. After that, you and your coach will book a review of your Fitness Report and review your results, your limitations, your zones and provide specific recommendations on training that will minimize your limitations and achieve your goals at that time.

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