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Rosa Nguyen

Welcome to the BPC Family!

Just follow these steps and you will be ready to rock!

Step 1 - Choose Your Coaching PackageStep 2 - New Athlete QuestionnaireStep 3 - Sign Up and/or Link Training PeaksStep 4 - Sync Fitbit/Strava Data and TrainingPeaksStep 5 - Get Ready to Rock

You can always go up and down any time by simply logging into this site and choosing a new package. If you change, it will prorate your payment based on what’s left from the previous package, and change your billing date.

Everyone pretty much starts out on Compete level for the first month so we can speed up the process of learning you and you learning us. Again, the main difference in the packages is the amount of contact you’d have with your coach. Peak is every 2 weeks (roughly) and Compete is more of an unlimited deal.


Compete Level Running – $279/mo


Peak Level Running – $179/mo + $100 start up

FOLLOW THIS LINK and submit your New Athlete Questionnaire

Click THIS LINK and follow the prompts to sign up and/or link your TrainingPeaks account to our coaching account. Don’t forget to download their app if you haven’t already. You don’t need a premium account, but if you like to be told instantly each time you have a new best effort, be notified any time we comment on a workout, or instant gratification in general, it might be something that interests you. If so, we can get you a premium account for $10 a month using our discount. Just let me know.

So Fitbit doesn’t directly link to TrainingPeaks so you have a couple options:

  1. Quantisync – Looks like a direct link for Fitbit to TP
  2. Tapiriik  – I’ve used this before. You simply go to the site and pick the things you want to link. But it doesn’t have Fitbit as an option, so you may have to use Strava instead. Maybe not the best way.
  3. Fitness Syncer – This was TPs recommendation.


Once you are all signed up, you will get a few emails from us over the next several days that will help familiarize you with us and how things will work, and how to join and access the live strength classes as well as the on demand sessions. But if you have questions, just shoot me a note.


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