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Anja Dabelic

Welcome to the BPC Family!

I answered your follow up questions in this not-so-short video.

Just follow these steps and you will be ready to rock!

Step 1 - Choose Your Coaching PackageStep 2 - New Athlete QuestionnaireStep 3 - Sign Up and/or Link Training PeaksStep 4 - Sync Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaksStep 5 - Get Ready to Rock

You can always go up and down any time by simply coming back to your account and choosing a new package. If you change, it will prorate your payment based on what’s left from the previous package, and change your billing date.

The only difference in PLUS and regular compete level is if you are going to use power on your bike.

Compete PLUS Multisport $329/mo


Compete Multisport $279/mo


Compete PLUS Multisport – Quarterly – $987 every 3 months


Compete PLUS Multisport – Quarterly – $837 every 3 months

CHECK! You sent this already.

Click THIS LINK and follow the prompts to sign up and/or link your TrainingPeaks account to our coaching account. Don’t forget to download their app if you haven’t already.

Click THIS LINK and follow the prompts to sync your Garmin Connect data with TrainingPeaks. Make sure you check to back up all past data.


You will get a few emails from us over the next several days that will help familiarize you with us and how things will work. But if you have questions, just shoot me a note.


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